Fly Plugin 1.5

Fly Plugins

Portals are able to teleport to each type of unit: Player, crazy, exuberant, falling blocks points (sand, Tomb, anvils or a block of another case by another changed plugin), payload. Portal of decay: close the doors after a certain period: after you have created the two portals, you can set a time in the configuration, the two portals are closed when the climate. Sustainability is used the left, these boots will not receive any damage from other sources, which only consumes 1 use fall to prevent damage or even an infinite number of uses. As in the game, we need a type of blocks that easily can be (and teleporting through portals), this block is the hub. You can customize this block motion vectors, so simply to move a block in the direction of the player or you can fly to the moon. (Which of course has the last word in this area, please you votes in the vote for the next query functions!, made fly plugin 1.5 to your ideas on the Forum and tell me what you want in the next version!). After days of work in this plugin is the only way to handle the vehicle pushes without creating an infinite loop (interceptions), at least to use blocking and Portal + 2 upper castles in the air and the teleporters. Unfortunately a handle of Minecraft blocking freezes the cube instead of tele portieren, anyway, if you teleport to a wall and then out the split-level floor that their website is correct, I work with some methods to get the cube go anyway at any time. Remove entire database plugin (glass folder) and start/stop server add pot again within the plugins folder and try again. A free work is not rich is if you like my work, want to accelerate development or to certain services, a simple contact to make a donation, $ is enough to buy some cookies). Update: If you teleport through a red portal in the ceiling sometimes tele portieren entity at the end instead of the Blue Portal. Added (dice) mobile and configurable block motion vectors can be special (ID and data), that with the empty hands with Righclick can also send, that you can do to close the flight up to 999 km/h or simply move a block in the direction of the player can be customized. Change the speed of the unit (vector), releasing a second portal speed that leads into another portal. Consumed presto shoes gravity another cause of damage, only 1 drop (which could cause damage to the player). Steps replaced block data collected also for example, wool can use portals etc. (blocks of data such as 35:5 values) without problems. .